How to Do a Mind Reading Trick

The common form of mind reading in today’s world is mentalism, which is a performing art, a kind of stage magic that makes use of sleight and other performing skills. The practice is helpful not just in performing tricks, but also to communicate properly with others. These skills enable us to compete, negotiate, and cooperate in day-to-day life. A set of observations derived from these skills helps us in judging a particular situation in less time. Misusing these skills would have a bad impact on the user’s social life. Thus, one should be careful in his approach towards the use of such skills. These tricks could be of different types such as psychic, those involving numbers, letters, etc. The following examples are the simplest to learn, and one can easily fox the spectators with them. If you practice well and develop interest, it is easy to master these skills in a few days.

The Book Trick
It is one of the common tricks in which a card and any book, preferably, the thickest one, should be used. In this, one has to ask a spectator to insert the card anywhere in the book. The magic in this is that one should be able to tell the content on the page where the card has been inserted. To perform this, one would first require a little bit of practice. The book that one chooses needs to have a plain cover. A card similar to that which is going to be inserted by the spectator needs to be already placed in the book.

When a spectator is called upon to insert the card in the book, the opposite side of the book where the first card is inserted needs to be shown to him. As the spectator walks away after inserting the card, the book should be turned around and the opposite side be revealed to the spectators. The trick should be performed in quick time without anyone getting to know what is happening. Now, the page where one has inserted the card would be revealed as one of the spectators removes that card. One has to memorize the first line of the page in advance before the trick is actually being performed. Thus, one can surprise the spectators by predicting the exact content of the page. One should practice a lot to master this trick. It would definitely help you impress your friends.

The Mysterious Numbers
In this, one has to predict the number in the mind of a spectator. One should ask the spectator to select a particular number. The spectator should be asked to add a number, say 4, to the original number. After the addition, the total should be divided by 2. The original number should now be subtracted from the number obtained after division by 2. In this case, the final answer would be 2. In fact, the final answer would always remain the same, i.e., 2. This is because the spectators are being asked to add the number ‘4’ to the original number during the first step. If one changes the number that is being added to the original one, the resulting answer too would change. For example, if the number ’10’ is added to the original number, the final answer would be 5 which is half of the number ’10’. It is one of the mental illusions that is popularly performed. The fact that it works every time one asks his friend to choose a different number, makes it one of the most amazing tricks.

Loose Thumb
This is performed in front of children and one can easily master it. To perform this, one would require a carrot, the size of a thumb. It should be cut and shaped properly so that it resembles a thumb. One should hide the carrot in the hand under a piece of cloth. The carrots should be removed from the hand but kept under the piece of cloth. It should appear to the audience that the thumb is being separated from the hand. One should draw the attention of the children while loosening and tightening the carrot. The act should be performed only in front of children as any attempt to deceive the older ones won’t work.

For any psychic trick to work, your confidence must show and you should be able to convince your audience to believe in whatever you say or do!

The art needs a person to have the right kind of skills and a lot of practice in order to master them. One can find many such tricks which not only entertain people, but also hone one’s communication and mind reading skills.

Magic Tricks for Kids

Magic tricks are a great source of entertainment for kids. You can never go wrong with a magic show for kids and can always be sure of impressing them with simple tricks and illusions. Moreover, you can also teach them a few tricks to perform in front of their friends. This will not only make your kids popular in their friend circle, but also boost their confidence. Letting your child do the magic trick on his own will also improve his communication skills and give him a first hand experience of handling masses. The tricks mentioned in this article are easy to understand and fun to perform.

Card Trick
In this trick, the magician often asks a member of the audience to memorize a card from the deck and then accurately tells what that card is! Kids are easily impressed by this simple trick. Before you address the audience, look at the card that is at the bottom of the deck. Now invite a volunteer and ask him or her to take any card out of the deck and memorize it. Let them then place this card on the top of the deck. Now, cut the deck in two and place the bottom half on top. Look for the card you saw at the bottom, the card to the right of this card, is the one your volunteer chose.

Sweet Number
All you need is a pencil, a sugar cube, and a glass of water for this trick. Write any number between 0-9 on any face of the sugar cube. Now address the audience with the numbered face pressed tightly between your thumb and forefinger. Show the sugar cube to the audience and tell them that you will make a number appear on the palm of a volunteer, just with the help of this sugar cube. Drop the sugar cube in a glass of water and ask your volunteer to put his palm on the glass. Meanwhile, press his palm hard with your thumb. The imprint of the number from your thumb will transfer to his palm. Let him open his palm, once the sugar cube gets dissolved. The audience will be astonished to see the number appear out of nowhere!

Pepper Trick
Pepper, soap, and a bowl of water are the basic materials you will need for this trick. Before you begin, rub your hands with soap. Put some pepper in a bowl of water and ask anyone from the audience to come over. Make them separate the pepper from water and watch them struggle with it. Frustrated, they will walk away in defeat. Now, it’s your turn to show the audience how you can instantly separate water and pepper. The soap enables you to separate pepper, as soon as you put your fingers in bowl.

Cut the Straw
Cut a slit of about 3 inches, at the center of the straw. Now face your audience and thread the string through the straw. Quickly, pull the end of the strings downwards, through the slit, in your hands. Engage your audience in some pep talk, so that they don’t watch your hand movements. Now take a pair of scissors and make a big scene of cutting the straw. Separate the two ends of straw to show that you actually cut it. Now pull out the string from one end, totally uncut and intact.

These tricks become more interesting if you pair them up with short stories or funny anecdotes. Go for corny stories and make a lot of facial expressions so that the audience concentrates on your face and ignores your swift, surreptitious hand movements. Also, include a lot of drama throughout your performance. Watch the performances of famous magicians and take cues to enhance your own magic tricks!