Ideas for a Reality TV Show

Reality TV shows are selling like hot cakes. All you have to do is huddle up a handful of average people or small time starlets, create a dramatic situation and whoa, your reality TV show is ready to go on air! The best part about reality TV shows is that they give quick fame and recognition even to average people like you and me. Besides, the viewers get a kick out of all the emotional drama (which is scripted in most cases) that happens on sets. There is really no dearth of reality TV show ideas, but most revolve around similar concepts. So, in case you wish to air your own TV show some day, then you may have to come up with really good ideas for TV shows.

Ideas for a Reality TV Show

The word ‘reality TV’ show often conjures images of emotion packed, high voltage drama. Even talent based shows such as American Idol and America’s Got Talent are occasionally laced with emotional performances either by contestants or judges. Some other reality TV shows such as Big Brother reap their popularity by playing around serious social issues. Amidst this chaos, one can also get to see some good reality shows such as Bands on the Run, The Apprentice etc. If you are interested in starting a reality TV show of your own, you may derive inspiration from any of the popular TV shows. You may then attempt to present them differently. In this article, we have not provided actual ideas, but we have certainly listed some areas which offer a scope for developing a reality show.

Performance Based
This is on similar lines as American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and likes. However, you can develop your own show by introducing a little variation. For instance, you can have a reality show based on a particular dance or singing form only. You can also add variation by making a show only for elder people above 60 or so on. Talent shows for children are rampant, but there are only a handful shows which explore the talent of elderly people. You can also explore the talent of kids with special needs or handicapped people.

Profession Based
There are numerous shows which showcase the drama behind exciting and dangerous professions. But, there are very few shows which deal with seemingly ordinary occupations of that of teachers, firefighters, secretaries etc. You can devote every episode to one such average occupation and uncover the challenges faced by average people like the one’s mentioned above.

Adventure Based
Fear Factor indeed brings a gush of adrenaline with it. You can invoke similar feelings by airing an adventure based reality show. This could be anything from living in extremely undesirable living conditions or battling wildlife in rain forests or facing the fury of nature in extreme climatic zones.

Game Based
Game shows, quizzes are the most primitive forms of reality TV shows. With time, one can find a lot of new features and variation in them. The prize money has also increased manifold. So, starting a game show can be one sure shot way of making your show successful.

Drama Based
This is your formula for quick success. You can have one drop dead gorgeous girl and a bunch of guys pitted against each other, performing dare devil tasks to get her or you can have it the other way round with a hunk surrounded by a bevy of beauties competing to woo him. Throw in a couple of romantic, emotional sequences and you have a recipe of a successfully running reality show.

What Next

Just getting an idea for a reality TV show isn’t enough if you are serious about getting it on air. You need to take right steps, meet right people in order to get it working. Firstly, think of a nice, catchy title for your show. It should convey exactly what the show is all about; but at the same time, it should also invoke interest of the audience. Next, put your ideas on the paper and draft at least 5 episodes, which could get you to the production houses. If they okay it, then you may have to shoot a pilot episode after which the real thing begins.

This was all about starting a reality TV show of your own. Coming up with a great idea and treating your show differently can make it stand from the rest of reality shows.

Are Reality Shows Real?

The definition of reality television is a type of television program which is purposely unscripted for the spontaneous dramatic and humorous situations that happen as the camera rolls. These television shows usually feature ordinary people instead of professional actors. This genre of television has been around in some form or the other since the early years of television. They were game shows in the early television times when ordinary people were cast as contestants. Then in 1990, with the very popular show Big Brother, the concept of reality TV emerged. After this, there have been considerable number of reality shows that were aired every year for entertainment. There are some which cast actors while the others that cast the common man. With all the buzz and all the mystery of “what will happen next?”, these shows are some of the most watched and paid for in the media industry.

Is It Real or Fake?

The answer is obviously fake. In the earlier times, when there were other forms of reality TV, these shows had some part that displayed real emotion and behavior. In the recent times, however, they are nothing but hyped series of episodes where the cast (even non-actors) is made to be dramatic and act funny for entertainment’s sake. Today there are many reality shows for talent hunts, game shows and stunt competitions, where the contestants compete for money.

Are the Shows Scripted?
It all began with the super hit series Big Brother, where a bunch of not-so-famous celebrities had to live with strangers everyday and were cut off from the whole world. They competed against each other for money and the last person to survive won the prize money. Though these shows are not completely scripted, the backbone of the show is surely written. Once the rules and regulations to be followed are jotted down, the rest of the show is carried further by the characters in the show. Because all these shows have dynamics between strangers, the drama is created when they react, make friends, don’t get along and sometimes even get in a fight. Today, as reality TV is getting more popular, entertainment channels are coming up with many such shows. Some of these shows which involve videos about certain events like police chases, training academies, etc., however are not scripted, as they are 100% real.

Are the Shows Staged?
As mentioned above, one of the most favorite types of reality shows are talent hunts like American Idol, America’s next top model, The Apprentice, etc. These shows get fresh, young faces from all parts of the country. This is how reality talent shows are staged in front of their audience. There are many shows which have continued for many seasons and are still aired. Some well-known shows are listed below, so see if any of them look familiar!

  • Blind Date
  • Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?
  • The Bachelor
  • ElimiDATE
  • Meet My Folks
  • The Bachelorette
  • Joe Millionaire
  • Room Raiders
  • My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance
  • Beauty and the Geek
  • Next
  • Flavor of Love
  • The Osbournes
  • Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica
  • The Simple Life
  • Fear Factor
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Project Runway
  • The Amazing Race

No matter how much we contemplate, we can never be sure of how much is real and how much is not. Thus, as far as they keep entertaining us, I think we can applaud their efforts and have fun watching them.