Fashion Journalism

Have you ever wondered how the glamor of the fashion world reaches out to millions of people all over the globe. It is simply because of an aspect known as fashion journalism. It is a wide term which is generally used in direct relation with the fashion media. As the name suggests, this is a concept that includes everything related to publicity of the industry.

The primary aim is to let the common public know about the trends. The many different types of means used in this kind of journalism are magazines, books, newspapers, television, and even Internet.

How to Become a Fashion Journalist

The first step to become a fashion journalist is to understand as much as possible about how the industry works. You should go through magazines and newspapers, and carry out general research on the web regarding related topics. Make contacts with on-line fashion writers and get to know more about this field. Education is also valued a lot when it comes to fashion.

Therefore, you can search for good courses in reputed schools. After completing a course, you can choose to work as interns that would give you valuable knowledge to excel in this career. You may also create your own blog about fashion, and keep adding useful information to it.

Various Career Options

After understanding the fundamental concept, you would now get an idea of the careers in this field. In this very prominent industry; there are careers like fashion writers, reporters, critics, and photographers. The roles and responsibilities of these professionals differ greatly as per the settings they are employed in. However, the most notable career in this industry is that of a fashion journalist.

Job Description

A fashion journalist can be anyone such as a fashion writer, editor, or reporter. Typically, the main job responsibility

How to Become a Journalist

Journalism is one of the most popular career options in the world today. Why? Because everyone in the world wants news, whether it is on politics, business, sports or gossip. The market for news reporting is quite huge. Hence, it is one of those mass media careers which is quite pervasive all over the world. But then again, it requires the correct educational qualifications and the desire to work hard. Moreover, journalism is an art, for which one needs the correct aptitude.

Educational Requirements

A good career starts with good education. Hence, the first thing you will need to do is enroll yourself in a good journalism school. A course can be done at both bachelors and master’s levels. Of course, the one with a bachelors level degree will get more of an entry-level job, while one with a master’s degree has a higher chance of getting recruited at a better position in a media house. It also helps if you hold a degree or a diploma in English language too.

Your college may also offer you a specialization in various courses for you to choose from, like newspaper reporting, investigative reporting, foreign correspondence, broadcast journalism (TV and radio), sports, online and photojournalism. So you can choose your specialization based on the type of career you want to make.

Along with the value addition which the journalism school will give you, it is increasingly being seen that media houses prefer recruiting from such schools as opposed to general interviews? Why? Because when they recruit from the journalism schools, it saves them the time and the effort of basic training. While on-the-job training still remains unavoidable, by recruiting ready-to-work graduates means that the media houses recruit people who have a fair idea of what their job is about.

The second

Online Photo Journaling

Whenever someone has a story to share about their travels, the birth of a new baby, or a dinner party with friends, stories abound online in blogs and vlogs. The blog (web log) originated as a forum and online community for people to editorialize their lives online. Blogging as a means of getting one’s stories out in the Internet ether has boomed over the last 5 to 10 years. People have more recently begun using their blogs as a means to distribute their photos along with stories―photo journaling online.

Vlogging is a form of blogging, but is based in video rather than written journaling. A vlog is a video log and provides a new, exciting form of online expression; there is, however, a much greater sense of preparation and production with vlogging in contrast to blogging. With the speed of the Internet and connectivity around the globe, vlogging is slowly becoming equally interesting and widespread as blogging alone.

Photo Journaling & Online Scrapbooks

Photo journaling, by definition, is documentation using photography. Many companies and organizations, including NASA, use photo journals to document new developments or progress. Photo journaling on its own is nothing new, but the blogosphere (the collective blogging community) is adding their online twist.

Most, if not all, blogging sites allow users to post digital photos to their blogs. There are also blogging sites that allow users to either select a canned layout for their blog, or design a unique custom layout themselves. When a blogger takes their simple blog to the level of photo journaling with a custom design, the blog can verge on becoming an online scrapbook.

Social Responsibility Awareness

Blogging carries its own set of rules for online etiquette, including disclaimers if it contains adult material. Caution is always warranted when posting sensitive material, such

British Tabloids

A rather infamous counterpart of the British press, their tabloids are all about making the daily dose of news simpler, colorful, and of course, sensational. Although tabloids in most countries have a tendency to splash their pages with celebrity news, an interesting feature of the British ones is making sensational news out of every mundane incident, be it politics, sports, business or the good ol’ entertainment.


Red Top: Red top tabloids generally have a red masthead. They generally signify a more sensational style of journalism and perhaps that is indicated by the use if color red in the masthead of the newspaper.

Black Top: Black-top tabloids have a black masthead. Generally, they are considered less sensational and more serious form of the British press. The black color differentiates these tabloids from the sensational red-top versions.

Reasons for the Success

No matter how many people point fingers and frown upon them, it is a fact that the tabloids are popular and successful. There is a demand for compact news dose with peppy text and eye-catching pictures, and the tabloids are giving the readers just that.

Combating the New Media Wisely
Print media all over the world is facing serious competition from the new media, be it the Internet or television, and no one is geared up for the competition better than them. The new media has the power to supplant the print, and hence the tabloids have achieved what the mainstream broadsheets are still struggling with – creating a readership niche. Also most of the tabloids have embraced the new media instead of competing with them and hence have their e-versions or online editions.

Getting the Format Right
The tabloids have maintained a compact format, which is rather convenient for the reader to pick up, read, and carry as well. The

The Evolution of Horror Films

It could just be me, and it might be a critical eye too fervently trained to pick apart the most basic miscues in Hollywood and the surrounding industries, but the horror film industry has hit something of a boon of late. It seems to come in waves. In the 1970s, it was exploitation, slasher flicks like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and going into the ’80s, it was the uber long franchise exploitation of that slasher formula in Friday The 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. Then there was a lull for a few years, as audiences got bored with the same old movies.

Much like its oft resurrected villains, the horror genre always comes back though, and in the 1990s, it found its stride in the teen slasher genre, this time exploiting the exploding high school, college age teen drama, with films like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Fast forward a few years, and once again the genre faltered. When you’ve seen one psychopathic, inhuman killer, you’ve seen them all. And so, the next step was something much different, and much more disturbing, born of the proliferation of stylized violence in the films of Tarantino and the psychological mind screws of Asian horror. Hollywood loves its psychopathic killers though, and so after a few years of remaking Japanese films and rewriting classic genres, the horror industry discovered something new―the torture subgenre.

It’s not new though. Films featuring sadistic violence and torture have been around for a while, but with nowhere near the following or financial backing of today’s Eli Roths. If you head back to the hey day of the 1970s exploitation films though and dig through those Cannibal and sexualized vampire films, you’ll find a huge array of scenes in which horrific,

Movie Critics Copping Out – The Cheap Politcal Allegory

Politically, this country has been a tad on the divided side the last few years. Ever since a certain Supreme Court intervention and four years of national tragedy and national travesty, mentioning your political affiliation is akin to announcing to the world which side of the ceasefire you belong on.

Appropriately, the world of the arts has reacted in kind, producing works of derision and political cynicism that capture the national energy of the moment. Rather than pretend that everything is okay, or that it is absolutely horrible, the world of popular entertainment has taken to declaring that everything is political, and their films and television series have been critiqued in kind.

Were one to flip through a newspaper’s film review section, it’s nearly impossible not to find at least one film that has a ‘political message’ meant to jab at the heart of the Iraq issue or to undermine the ‘Stability of the American Troops’ as the opposition will say it. Either side is enmeshed in a high stakes game of who is more observant of things that don’t exist.

The answer is neither side. While wishful movie critics conjure up dozens of possible scenarios in the films they are watching, in which a director (who often specifically denies doing so) has instilled some political message or another, pundits and the like do the same thing, trying to counteract the effects. There isn’t a single year since the start of the Iraq War that at least one major Hollywood Blockbuster hasn’t undergone the scrutiny of which faction represents George W. Bush and which represents whatever subsection of people he’s destroying.

It’s a natural progression though, to project political angst and anger from the immitigable presence of the President and his administration onto the very accessible films that

Do American’s Need Edited Editions of Foreign Films? I Think Not

Asian film imports first hit American shores decades ago, driven by the rise of the International Film Festivals in Europe. Erstwhile agoraphobic Hollywood executives would drag themselves from their gold castles and actually find something worthwhile in the amazing epics being produced on the far side of the Pacific. The market never quite found the foothold it would need to be commercially successful though, at least not until the martial arts genre came flying in on the golden wings of Bruce Lee.

Since then, company’s like Sony and Miramax have gone out of their way to import film after film to US shores, featuring some of the most amazing directors, actors, and martial artists in Asia. Unfortunately, with their eagerness to share those findings with the American public, comes the dreaded cut. It’s what any foreign film fan hates to hear most―”American edit”.

It’s not new to the industry. Since the ’60s, foreign films have been going under the knife time and time again. It’s basically the American studio executives deciding for the American people what they will and will not understand. They take a perfectly amazing film and cut out vast quantities of the story, and remake the film in a manner more suitable to the short attention spans and fickle nature of a nation that doesn’t like to read at the movies. Unfortunately, those that most appreciate and wait eagerly for theatrical releases of these films, are also largely displeased with these methods.

The results are appalling sometimes, as not only do they take out vital scenes just because they contain cultural references that Americans may not understand, they dub over the original voices with English voices so as the American public won’t have to read subtitles.

It’s not new, and if you go back and

The Ugly Face of Video Gaming Crossovers in Film

The pop culture machine, that great big mechanism that pumps out so much mushy claylike substances every year is a very peculiar beast. It grows. It changes. It reforms itself to best match the audience it is trying to reach. And it seems like every year there are a half dozen new mediums entering the fray, vying for our attention, and hence our very important dollar.

Then there are the veterans, the long time entries in the pop culture wars like film and television. Those mediums that have been around as long as the concept of a mass marketed cultural fad. Like cockroaches, these classics withstand any and all changes, adapting and changing when needed to meet the needs of the masses and stay around.

It’s the new ones you really have to watch out for. When something so new and so entertaining grows so quickly, sometimes it’s hard to realize that it is slowly taking over various aspects of our daily lives, infiltrating into our routines and becoming a part of the “the norm”.

The Internet has done that surprisingly well in the last 10 years or so, at first a fad, then a tool, and now a lifestyle. But, it’s the smaller things that we really don’t notice―mediums like video gaming.

Video games have been around since the 1970s, but at the time, they were nothing more than a fad, a hobby for computer programmers, and a very expensive proposition for anyone interested in playing them. And when the programmers tried to turn it into a business, and pumped out failed, broken software, the video game ‘fad’ almost died completely.

But, something odd happened. Instead of dying off like other pop culture one-hit wonders, video gaming found new life in a little gray box from Nintendo. Nintendo

The Cult of Violence in Popular Film

In my last year of high school, my American history professor decided he would show us Saving Private Ryan. The result was a litany of forms to be signed by parents for those not quite 18, and questioning by most students why this was necessary. Only the year before a film had been pulled from an English class in the same school, only rated PG-13 for its portrayal of 19th century sex, but here was our teacher showing us an extremely bloody, violent battle-ridden film. The argument―”it’s history”.

Violence has long-held a certain mystique, the ability to stand tall above the censors and display endlessly gratuitous imagery for all ages. But it’s always been sex that truly upset the stuffy conservative minds of this country. The MPAA arose not because of excessive violence in films, but because of worries over indecent imagery related to sex.

A video game was pulled from the shelves and slapped with an Adult Only rating (the only time ever given) because of a possible unlockable sex scene. The game is one of the most violent offerings around―Grand Theft Auto. It’s an epic assault on every law written, complete with random shootings, drug dealing, and cop killing. But, sex put it over the top.

Left to their own devices, the sex and violence in film has flourished, finding routes of their own, slowly but surely pushing the censors to the borders, and squeezing as much as they can out of an R rating. The result is a numbing of audience receptors to the true ferocity of some violence.

If one is to show a particularly disturbing scene, it’s necessary to take it to an entirely new level of grotesque. Realism is the next key, in which these scenes are made to look as wholly

Truman’s Paradox

Imagine you live in a perfect world. Imagine that there is someone up there, somewhere, who watches your every step, and has future planned out for you-to the minutest of details, that everything about your life is personally being overseen by the omnipotent being, as if you’re the chosen one. You’re guaranteed a good education, a steady job, caring parents, and a loving spouse. Every problem that you might have, there is someone who’ll interfere, and solve things for you. Isn’t that the absolute dream of most of the religions? Isn’t that, in fact, a promise that organized religion holds up to you? The benign, omnipotent, and omniscient being, overlooking your life in every conceivable way. A guarantee, that whatever happens, is the God’s Will, and that there is a higher purpose determining the course of your life. Isn’t that what faith is all about-believing in that fantasy?

Ironically, for the character of Truman Burbank in the Hollywood flick The Truman Show, the dream turns into a nightmare. For those who haven’t watched the movie, it is a satire, and indeed fantastic, story of a man whose whole life is a televised show, watched by millions for years, without his knowledge. The town that he lives in is a phony town-an effect, a combination of a high-tech supported illusion, and a gigantic movie set. His life is scripted and executed to that script. People that enter or leave his life, are actors playing their own, prewritten parts. When Truman realizes the truth, however, he wants to break away from this fake, designed world. He wants to go (I almost said back, but he has really never even been there) to the real world, where everything is uncertain, where he might have to struggle hard to

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